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The freedom to walk barefoot

With our system of floor heating CottoCaldo , it is easy to make nice habitability of your environment . Thanks to the grooves in the elements , you go into them in a pipeline VPE or copper piping water hot ( max 25 ° C . ) Creates air heating absolutely natural phenomena such as eliminating unpleasant drafts , environments sovrariscaldati , cold feet etc . , how frequently we find with other heating systems ..


First things first : The screed must be compliant . E ' must comply with the instructions of the manufacturer of the heating system for the installation of the piping system . Placed on top of the screed cleaned and smoothed , a layer of thermal and acoustic insulation of 5 cm to avoid heat loss towards basso.Dopo of which add a sheet of polyethylene or nylon to create a vapor barrier . At this point begins the laying of elements COTTOCALDO After the placement and finish of the heat pipe by the manufacturer , to fill all the gaps with a product self-leveling up to the achievement of a uniform surface . IMPORTANT : During the time of drying the treated floor should not be walked on for 24 hours . Prior to the placement of the floor must not load the bottom layer . Pipelines in VPE or copper , of a maximum thickness of 17 mm . prepare and place in the top slots and connect through collars at a distance of about 50/60 cm . You have to leave the system free exit points with the length needed for assembly . Level the coating of pipelines with lean concrete , 0-3 cm . In this layer the remaining slots are minimal and do not have any repercussion on the top layer . It is recommended that the whole work is delivered after completion and after being subjected to a global testing , such sample testing by the developer of the building , or his representative , through the enterprise .

Significant energy savings and low thickness of the structure: the COTTOCALDO and floor have a thickness of only 50/55 mm .
Optimum use of energy; thermal pipelines are located only 10/15 mm below the surface of the floor. Good heat release : low temperature conduction .
Floor area of ​​about 25 ° C .
Temperature optimum environment thanks to the efficiency of the system . Absolutely improbable injuries voltage due to a high coefficient of expansion of COTTOCALDO .
No risk of twisting or warping , also large areas can be realized without expansion joints between.
Necessary expansion joints perimeter ( you still need to install floors diagonally ) .
Ease of placement in the yard and closed without any special equipment .