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What is a ventilated facade ?

The ventilated facade is a solution of coating and protection of exterior walls which combines two basic characteristics , which are usually at odds with each other :
- Protection from rainwater
- The breathability of the wall.
The ventilated facade terracotta is able to meet a number of requirements and basic performance that must characterize the walls of scope for the purposes of the best living comfort , such as, for example, the ventilation on the wall that allows a considerable improvement heat . The ventilated façade is then characterized by a constructive system so-called "dry" ie mechanical and absolute reliability


With ventilated facade brick is realized a system of protective walls with high permeability , causing the moisture produced inside the accommodation can " as its mission " to spread outside without finding obstacles or barriers , thus keeping both the walls that the panels of insulation in dry conditions, and therefore ideal to obtain the best insulation and better preservation of the perimeter structures .

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Thermal insulation - Effect heat shield summer
With ventilated facade cooked , you can make a proper thermal insulation , ie not only insulation according to law , but without those defects that determine most of the phenomena of condensation and mold inside the housing that generate then with time , cracks and delamination of portions of the facade . In summer the ventilated façade brickwork creates a true " heat shield " to the building to which it is applied , protecting it from a high heat input , especially on the walls to the west and south , thanks to the constant air circulation ambient temperature lapping the outer surface of the insulation placed in contact with the wall itself.

Noise absorption
With the ventilated façade is simple meet the standards of the law with respect to ' sound insulation ( Framework Law 447 ) being a composite multi-layer and then to greater effect in the absorption of noise